About Us

Welcome to the Chantry Green Garden Shop.  Chantry Green was founded in 2015 by Miles Hayward, offering specialist pruning services throughout West Sussex.  Miles has worked in the horticultural world since 1999, working at a retail nursery and then running a successful garden maintenance company.
"After being asked by many customers which secateurs I used, where they could buy the plant fertiliser i was using or what would i suggest for tying in Wisteria, I decided to set up the Chantry Green Garden Shop.  My idea was to have an online shop where gardeners and non-gardeners alike can browse and purchase professional pruning tools and gardening sundries but unlike other online suppliers, these will have been used and recommended by us so the customer can trust us to supply the best equipment."
Our family-run business is founded not only on years of experience using garden tools and equipment but importantly this is combined with an unerring passion for gardening.